Kitchen Flood

We bought our home last April after endless battles with other buyers in this crazy market. it’s a nice house in a good neighborhood. It wasn’t really our style, but it’s a starter house and saw it as a project. When the kitchen flooded 6 months after moving in our dreams of remodeling the kitchen were sped up by a few years. With the help of homeowners insurance and some savings our “someday maybe” ideas about the kitchen became a reality much faster than anticipated. We have been living in a half-kitchen for quite a while but things are finally about to come together.

Our kitchen the night before moving day. Complete with a sweet note from the previous owners about the memories they made here. 

The tile floors were the first thing I wanted out when we moved it. After getting a quote, we decided it could wait and I began researching ways to bleach the grout. When the flood happened and they had to rip all the tile out, I was thrilled. Then, when some of the cabinets had to go too it was just a bonus.

In process of ripping ripping things up so they can dry. Notice we painted the walls grey instead of brown. a fresh coat of paint makes a huge difference!
The very LOUD drying out process

It was like this for over 2 months without any progress on getting things back together. (I should write a whole post on working with home owners insurance). Our claim has finally been approved and things are moving forward! We have picked out flooring, cabinets, granite, molding, backsplash and are changing things a little bit. We originally just wanted white shaker modular cabinets to save on cost, but after getting a few bids, getting custom cabinets was only $200 more- so we went with that. I’ll post updates as things are installed over the net couple of weeks!


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