Book Review: Pride and Prejudice


Don’t you wish all your books had this beautiful of a cover? I wish this was mine so I could see what darling illustrations Hugh did for this. 

I had never read a book by Jane Austen before, despite loving her stories and having seen all the movies multiple times, and being a reader. I knew the story of Pride and Prejudice. I knew the characters, I knew the setting and about all the pride and all the prejudices that were going to take place – But WOW. I loved this far more than I anticipated.

It is a beautiful love story. Lizzie Bennett is a gem and Mr. Darcy is a total fox. My favorite surprise was that the story doesn’t end (SPOILER- but really, who doesn’t know this story) when Elizabeth and Darcy get engaged and Mr. Bennett gives the go ahead! There is more. Jane Austen gave us a few blissful chapters where they were in love and planning their future together. It was the great payout for such a long hard journey to get to that point. I loved hearing about Lizzie’s worries about her family not approving of the match because they all thought him to be “such a proud, disagreeable man”. Reading this made it all so much more real. I was proud of her for not settling for anyone less that Mr. Darcy. I think there is a lot of truth in this in modern dating. Find someone who truly deserves you.

If you haven’t read this because you know the story, or you are worried about the language, read it anyway. You will wonder what took you so long.


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