Book Review: Little Women

Little Women

I’ll start by saying that my expectations for this book were pretty high. My recent run of classics has been stellar. It’s been a great reminder that some things are popular because they are touching, moving and resonate with people.

Little Women wasn’t that.

I am probably speaking too harshly too soon. I liked it. I knew the story having grown up on the Christian Bale, Winona Ryder movie (which is darling). But I had expected there to be some tension. I think Louisa May Alcott intended this to be the love story between Jo and Laurie, but Jo never loved him. He may have loved her, but as soon as he started spending time with Amy in Europe it finally got a little more interesting.

The story was sweet. Having 2 sisters myself I was able to put myself in their shoes several times as they jumped from love to annoyance to love again. I loved how vastly different personalities can be even when everyone is raised in the same way under the same roof. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way.

It is possible that I didn’t like this as much as I thought i would because the narrator was awful. Andrea Emmes had the worst voice for Marmee. What I expect would come off as sweet motherly advice turned to condescending and annoying. This is a character I should have loved. LikeEllen O’hara , Molly Weasley, Marilla Cuthbert or Ma Joad. These were strong amazing women who lead their families to happier and richer lives. Marmee gave wonderful advice and ran a household by herself while her husband was off at war. All very admirable things! But in the end, Emmes voice for her made me want to roll my eyes more than jot down the advice in my journal to take into my own life.

It very possibly is a classic for all the best reasons, but I missed mostly it. The reason I feel this way is possibly because of the narration.

Just watch the Winona Ryder movie.


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